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At The Nevins Law Firm, it is the client's interests that are paramount.  We seek to provide prompt, cost-effective solutions to the challenges our clients confront.  The Firm is dedicated to providing the same quality of legal expertise that much larger law firms offer but at rates that are far more affordable.  Moreover, the Firm provides personal and timely attention to every client, no matter how small, because we believe every client is vital to the Firm's success.

The Firm has considerable experience and expertise in a variety of areas, whether involving, for example, the interpretation of a contract or lease, the preparation of a will, or the representation of clients in commercial litigation in state and federal courts or in arbitration proceedings.  The Firm also provides representation in federal white collar criminal matters and counsels clients on a wide range of issues, such as antitrust and other forms of unfair competition, trademark and trade secret protection, bankruptcy and creditors' rights, residential mortgage fraud and foreclosure, consumer protection and credit card debt collection, and employment matters, both for employers and employees.

Indeed, the Firm's commitment to quality legal representation is one reason why other lawyers have requested that the Firm act as their local counsel in state and federal courts in Texas.  In some cases lawyers who opposed the Firm in prior litigation will ask the Firm to represent their clients' interests when they are sued in Texas.  Such recommendations from former adversaries further attest to the hard work and attention you can expect when you retain The Nevins Law Firm.



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